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27 April 2007 @ 11:47 am
Nintendo acquires Monolith Software.

Personally? I hope it's good news for their RPG series.
06 November 2006 @ 12:16 pm
This has NO PRACTICAL USE. But, it shows the overall theme of the game (look, stars!) is still there.
Only new locations here; you want the ones covered in the first game, go back a year.
Oh yeah, technical spoilers, since it's all location-y. Also, there's something extra in there that I never would have figured out if I hadn't recognized one of the names. Wee.

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05 November 2006 @ 06:17 pm
Yeah, someone put something like this up on GFAQs, but dammit, I compiled this 'un myself, without any references to FAQs. :P

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29 September 2006 @ 04:38 pm
Some basic clean-up for the community rules, layout and so on. Just a heads-up.

(Hopefully I'll, at least, be able to post some actual content here soon. Gooooooo shambling corpse of laziness!)
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20 March 2006 @ 11:59 am
People looking for credits, I found an awesome site that basically lists the whole staff:

20 March 2006 @ 10:48 am
Yo everyone!

If anyone looked at the Wikipedia article for BK in the past year or so, they'll know it was pretty scant. Someone has gone through and updated it a bunch:


But it needs a serious clean-up. Unfortunately, even though I've played the game and love it, my ability to remember it is somewhat lacking. So I thought if everyone pitched in a little (including myself) on this article and cleaned it up, we could make it into a really good wikipedia article. If people know other people not on the list who like the game as well, giving them a holler also wouldn't be a bad idea.
19 March 2006 @ 09:39 pm
First, major credits to theeternalmind for translation. I can't really read their crazy moon language...

Spoilers and crude jokes beyond here. You have been warned.

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06 March 2006 @ 02:09 pm
Posted them in my personal journal, over here

High quality scans here, in my gallery.
05 January 2006 @ 03:12 pm

Lookit at who's in BK II!

(For the Katakana impaired, that says "Gibari" on his name plate. He's so cute!)

We can see Ladekahn, looking oh-so-fabulous in the same picture *L*
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14 October 2005 @ 04:57 pm
Or, yet more proof that ianthefira needs a life.
This is basically compiled from what I could make out. My hearing isn't too great and the voice clips are a little unintelligable at times, so some of this is my best guess.

If anyone has any additions or corrections, comment, and I'll add it. I guess someday this might end up as a proper FAQ of sorts, but hell, damn if I know.

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Hey, sailor_titan! I'm calling you out for collecting Mizuti's voice clips. Even with the volume turned up as high as I dare, I can't make out some of what Mizuti says.
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